Goodbye Cairo, Hello Luxor..

07 November 2017 Luxor, Egypt

There's not much to write about Luxor as I only spent one night there. So this week's episode of #FarhanGoes will be simple, which is the exact opposite of life.

Gotta thank for bringing me to this southern part of Egypt. They offer wonderful deals for car rentals.

The drive from Cairo to Luxor takes about 7 hours. Road was good. Strong winds however, will make your driving a bit challenging. Be sure to put on some good music to distract yourself from the boring journey.


  • For some reason, it doesn't show on Google maps but you will go through a lot of toll gates for a fee or 5LE each.
  • If you use the Desert route (which is the western part of the Nile river) it's a highway without service for 300km so make sure to fill up your tank full and have enough food supplies.
  • Navigating was pretty easy and straight forward, you won't get lost.
  • If you are not a fan of long straight roads, you will get bored of driving.
Oh and can I just share with you one embarrassing story? I stopped at one of the rest areas before leaving Cairo for a toilet break then realised I didn't have enough small change to pay for toilet so I kept a huge bottle in my car and used it as my "toilet".. Thank god I didn't have to do number 2.. Eww but apa boleh buat, save money #wink

As you enter the town of Luxor, you will pass through A LOT of military checkpoints like literally every half a kilometer (not exaggerating).

If you've played the game Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation before, you would want to visit The Temple of Karnak which was what brought me to Luxor.

Though I really did want to visit the other temples, but time was just not on my side as I can only spend a night in Luxor and I had to leave for Sinai the next morning.

I have to give it to the wonderful Roberta & her husband Mohammed for giving me such a nice apartment which I rented for only RM50 per night fully equipped with a living room, a kitchen, washing machine and all what a real apartment should have! Check out the listing here

If you are in Luxor and have plenty of time, go here..

  1. Valley of The Kings/Queens
  2. Luxor Temple
  3. If you could go a little bit further south, visit Abu Simbel

End of Egypt part 2.. To be continued...

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